Course Listings by IU School or Department

  • School of Fine Arts
    FINA-D 210: Digital Art: Survey & Practice
    FINA-D310 Interactive Multimedia
    FINA-D317 Video Art
    FINA-D 318 3D Computer Graphics
    FINA-D 410 Advanced Multimedia
    FINA D 418 Computer Graphical Environments
    FINA D 510: Digital Art: Advanced Practice
    FINA D 511 Graduate Digital Art
    FINA-U 401 Special Topics in Studio Art: Computer Modeling/Creation
  • Department of Geography
    GEOG-G 250 Computing in Geospatial Science
    GEOG-G 538 Geographic Information Systems

  • Department of History
    HIST-H 301 Digital History

  • Information & Library Science
    ILS-Z 637 Information Visualization
    ILS-Z657 Digital Humanities
    MLS: Digital Libraries Specialization Course Listings
    MLS: Digital Humanities Specialization Course Listings

  • Informatics
  • INFO-I 202 Social Informatics
    INFO I-310 Multimedia Arts and Technology
    INFO-I 546 Music Information Processing: Symbolic
    INFO-I 543 Interaction Design Methods
    INFO-I 544 Experience Design

  • Computational Linguistics
    LING-L 245 Language and Computers
    LING-L 445 The Computer and Natural Language
    LING-L 545 Computation and Linguistic Analysis
    LING-L 645 Advanced Natural Language Processing
    LING-L 665 Applying ML Techniques in CL

  • Media School
    MSCH-C 226 Visual Communication
    MSCH-G 300 Game Production I
    MSCH-G 310 Game Design I: Concepts
    MSCH-G 320 Game Art and Sound
    MSCH-G 420 Advanced Game Art I
    MSCH-G 440 Aesthetics of Games
    MSCH-G 450 Game Workshop I: Prototype
    MSCH-G 470 Game Workshop III: Publish
    MSCH-J 362 Multimedia Storytelling

  • Jacobs School of Music
    MUS-A 112 Electronics I
    MJUSIC-A 212 Electronics IV
    MUS-A 325 Digital Audio Workstation Seminar
    MUS-K 361 Intro to MIDI/Computer Music
    MUS-K 406 Projects in Electronic Music

  • Psychology
    PSY-P 533 Intro to Bayesian Data Analysis I

  • Sociology
    SOC-S 554 Statistical Techniques in Sociology
    SOC-S 651 Topics in Quantitative Sociology