Collaborate with us

Partner with IDAH on an application for Collaborative Research and Creative Activity Funding, offered through the Office of the Vice Provost for Research. The award has a Fall and Spring semester deadline. The next deadline is March 1st, 2017.

Through consultation, IDAH’s experienced program administrators and digital project advisors can help translate your idea into a structured project. If you plan to submit a proposal for support from a granting agency, IDAH staff can help you analyze the grant announcement, determine project activities, staffing, equipment and space needs, and budget; and review the application. IDAH administrators will also write letters of support confirming our participation in the project.

If you are tenured or tenure-track IUB faculty you may also partner with IDAH to apply for a Collaborative Research and Creative Activity Funding award, offered through the internal funding program of the Office of the Vice Provost for Research. CRCAF is designed to foster new collaborative projects between IUB faculty and IUB centers, institutes and museums, including IDAH. To partner with IDAH, your CRCAF project should involve research or creative activity that untilizes digital technologies. The CRCAF program has both a Fall and a Spring semester deadline. Contact Director Ellen MacKay if you are interested in discussing the possibilities of partnering with IDAH on a CRCAF application.

Some points to keep in mind

  • On specific external grant proposals IDAH may need to be compensated for such work through the grant or through indirect costs.
  • IDAH allocates its staff time and resources carefully to accommodate the various projects for which it provides support. Since it cannot support all projects, it must evaluate them to determine which will be the best fit for IDAH.
  • IDAH staff begin their evaluation of projects by reviewing short proposals. All IUB faculty and units are encouraged to propose digital arts and humanities projects to IDAH. The following steps will be taken in determining whether IDAH will take on a project:
    • Individuals or units that would like IDAH to collaborate on a project or provide support in some other way should contact the Director, Clara Henderson. They should send a short (2-4 page) description of their project and the role they propose IDAH would play. If individuals have a specific grant in mind, initial contact should be made no later than five months before the grant proposal deadline.
    • The Director will discuss the project with the applicant and IDAH's digital project advisors to determine whether to move forward with the project.
    • If IDAH and the applicant agree to collaborate on the digital project, the applicant will work regularly with IDAH staff on iterations of the grant proposal and, if the grant is awarded, on the implementation of the project.

NOTE: The projects of current and past IDAH fellows take priority when IDAH is considering collaborating on new projects.