Fellowship Call

Call for IDAH Faculty Fellowship Program

Indiana University is pleased to announce the 2018-2019 Indiana University Institute for Digital Arts and Humanities Faculty Fellowship Program. The objective of this program is to help Indiana University faculty members complete an interdisciplinary arts and/or humanities scholarly investigation or creative activity with a significant digital component in pursuit of tenure and/or promotion.

IDAH Faculty Fellowships are designed to a) promote cross-disciplinary and cross-functional campus collaborations, b) provide dedicated consultation for digital project development, and c) bridge funding gaps for faculty seeking promotion on the basis of a digital-arts or digital-humanities portfolio by providing flexible funding that addresses the significant invisible labor that faculty often face when pursuing digital projects. Course-release requests are preferred (up to 2 per fellow), but we will also accept proposals up to $11,000 for justified hourly funding to supplement fundamental work that is necessary for digital arts and humanities work but often goes unfunded because of their routine yet necessary nature (e.g. transcription, cleaning/normalization of data/metadata, image processing). In the latter case, the application should clearly demonstrate: 1) that these tasks support the completion of a project, not its inception; and 2) that the product of these tasks will contribute a resource to teaching and/or research in the field.

Applications will be ranked based on 1) value of contribution to the field in general and on innovative use of digital methods in that contribution; and 2) on feasibility of completion within one year of funding and/or for projects where IDAH Faculty Fellowship provides additional funding to supplement outside grants will be prioritized. All else being equal, applications will be ranked by applicant's proximity to promotion to full faculty first, to associate faculty second, and finally to NTT promotion. In rare cases, IDAH will consider unique proposals that do not fit the course-release or hourly-support model.

  • Eligibility for IDAH Fellowships:

    Faculty applying for a second IDAH Faculty Fellowship within 4 years of the last successful fellowship must demonstrate progression through the ranks as a consequence of the previous fellowship and document how a new fellowship will substantially contribute to their next promotion case. Annual IDAH funding for multiple faculty working on the same project will be limited to the equivalent of 2 course releases.

  • Eligibility for Funding:

    All Indiana University tenured and tenure-eligible faculty are eligible to apply. Those employed at IU but not on the tenure-track, whose evaluation criteria include research or creative activity, are eligible to submit proposals with an explanation of the importance of research or creative activity to their evaluation in the letter of support from their chair or dean. Visiting and adjunct faculty, part-time faculty, post-doctoral fellows, and graduate students are not eligible.

  • Awards and Expectations:

    If awarded, the IDAH Faculty Fellowship includes:

    • one-course teaching release (in some cases, up to two) in the 2017-2018 year, pending approval by your department chair or hourly funding up to $11,000 to be applied toward the digital project
    • $2,000 award to be applied toward your digital project, deposited to your research account
    • 10 hours of consultation support with the appropriate on-campus division arranged by IDAH, for technical, methods, sustainability or project-management planning at your discretion

    In turn, IDAH Faculty Fellows are expected to: 

    • deliver a 20-minute presentation on the results of their IDAH Fellowship year as part of the Spring IDAH Symposium
    • meet with IDAH leadership, other IDAH Faculty Fellows and HASTAC Fellows once in the Fall term and again as part of the Spring IDAH Symposium
    • provide a 2-page written report on the results of their IDAH Fellowship year due at the end the academic year
    • adjudicate Faculty Fellow applications for the following year
  • Application Requirements:

    Applicants must submit all application materials to idah@indiana.edu. Please note page limitations.

    • three to four page (single spaced) Project Description that must provide specific information about your digital methods project, including a brief project plan/timeline for how you intend to use the course release time. The Project Description should also mention relevant collaborations, prospective grant funding, and project outcomes.
    • two to three page Curriculum Vitae
    • brief letter of support from your department chair
    • if you are requesting funding rather than a course release, please include a budget (up to $11,000) and budget narrative

Applications are due March 13, 2018.