HASTAC Scholars Call

  • Required local IUB HASTAC scholar activities

    Locally, IU HASTAC scholars are required to do the following:

    • Attend monthly IUB HASTAC scholars’ meetings
    • Meet with an IDAH-affiliated faculty advisor once a semester
    • Attend periodic IDAH events (seminars, workshops)
    • Give a lightning talk on their project at the IDAH spring symposium
  • Required national HASTAC scholar activities

    As an outgrowth of their digital project, HASTAC scholars are expected to engage with the broader scholarly community. A HASTAC scholar typically:

    • Blog on the HASTAC site, introducing themselves and their projects
    • Report on at least ONE local relevant event - any conference, talk, art project, symposium, experiment or collaboration - during the year
    • Introduce at least one other technology project to the greater HASTAC community (e.g. a new technology, a new coding language, a new use of technology in the non-profit sector, a new game for learning, an interesting new book, etc.)
    • Contribute to HASTAC Scholar Discussion Forums, either by hosting or commenting.
    • Build community and conversation by commenting, tweeting, covering conferences, and helping organize local meet-ups.
    • Share relevant job info, fellowship opportunities, conference CFPs, and publishing opportunities.

    Read more about the HASTAC scholars program 

  • Nominate a student

    Nominations to the HASTAC Scholars program require:

    • The student's name, email address, department affiliation, and year of study
    • A 200 word description of their digital project

    The internal deadline is September 18th, 2017.

    This year, all HASTAC Scholars will be paired with a faculty mentor in their field who will meet once a semester with this student. You do not need to serve as a mentor in order to nominate someone for the HASTAC program, but if you are willing to serve as a mentor, please indicate this in your email. IDAH will contact successful applicants and their mentors by September 31st. Applicants do not need to register with HASTAC as part of the internal application process.

    Nominate a student for the HASTAC Fellowship