Degrees + Training

  • Digital-methods workshops

    Our digital-methods workshops demonstrate how applications of mapping, data mining, network analysis, data visualization, 3D rendering, computationally aided vision and other digital methods can help arts & humanities practitioners craft new research questions and answer those questions. We also link attendees to the IU resources that can support these efforts and provide practical examples of these digital-methods applications in a variety of environments (including the classroom).

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    We also provide recaps of past workshops, with full slides and (in most cases) video.

  • Digital Arts and Humanities graduate certificate and minor

    The Digital Arts & Humanities program offers both a certificate and a minor that signal competencies and expertise to potential academic (teacher, lecturer, professor, librarian) and non-academic (administrator, scholar in digital humanities centers, libraries, museums, and other cultural heritage institutions) employers. Our certificate and minor align arts & humanities graduate training at IU with an increasing emphasis on public scholarship and put graduate students in dialogue with the broader public via interdisciplinary digital methods and the enhanced accessibility afforded by digital scholarship and creative activity.

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