GIS Day @ IU / Nov 13 / 12 - 4 PM / Wells Library
Alternative Cartographies (GIS Day keynote) / Nov 13 / 12 PM / Hazelbaker Hall
Approaches to Public Data & Archives: Mapping as a Form of Activism / Nov 14 / 10 AM / Hazelbaker
Working in Public: A Workshop on Generous Thinking / Nov 15 / 9:30 AM / Hazelbaker Hall


During the 2019-2020 academic year, the Institute for Digital Arts & Humanities will explore the theme Mapping Materialities in the Arts and Humanities. Spatial orientation grounds much of our multi-dimensional understanding of materiality, from the physical properties of artifacts that we study as humanists and create as artists, to the digital properties that are conveyed through code, data and interfaces. The concepts we map through our disciplines guide us as we apply computational approaches to arts and humanities, and ground us in our core sources — texts and imagery — that motivate and inspire research and creative outputs. The act of mapping — whether we are plotting time and space or associating and establishing conceptual relationships — is one of several modes of inquiry employed by digital artists and humanists in order to better understand and manipulate materiality. We will explore several manifestations of mapping materiality whether through neogeographic approaches to activist mapping, network analysis of people and places, or open and traceable publishing and peer-review approaches that will provide a foundation for artists and humanities scholars to plot their course.


Are you working on a project with a significant digital component in pursuit of tenure and/or promotion? Do you need to jump-start a digital project? Whether you're an undergraduate student, graduate student, or faculty member, IDAH wants to help. Our Faculty Fellowship program and HASTAC Scholarship program are both designed to provide funding for digitally-inflected research projects, while our Incubator program brings all of the resources IU has to offer for faculty and graduate students engaged in digital arts & humanities projects into a single room for a week-long intensive workshop in July.


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