Fall 2016 Course Announcement

Fall 2016 Course Announcement: Folklore and the Digital Humanities

Four images showing different pieces of art, one being a meme that makes fun of digital humanities.

By Shaun Williams, IDAH Graduate Assistant
May 4th, 2016

IU Folklore professor Jason Baird Jackson is teaching a new graduate course entitled "Folklore and the Digital Humanities" in Fall 2016.

From the Folklore and Ethnomusicology course listing:

This graduate course introduces the work of the digital humanities, entering that multidisciplinary big tent through the doorway marked for folklore studies and for neighboring disciplines such as ethnology and ethnomusicology. Emphasizing hands-on projects and active learning, the course will provide opportunities to consider important general and discipline-specific theoretical and methodological issues.

The course will also introduce course participants to a range of relevant hardware, career paths, funding strategies, software platforms, analytical tools, research interests, organizations, and kinds of digital humanities projects. While not the core focus of the course, some attention will also be given to the folkloristic study of digital culture. The articulation of digital humanities methodologies with the ethnographic, historical, comparative, textual, image-based, and object-based methods of the field will also be explored.

Folk-F804 Folklore & the Digital Humanities
Instructor: Jason Jackson
TR 8:00-9:15am
Course # 31110
Location: TV 250
Fulfills: Form or Theory
3 credit hours