Digital Horizons for the Dissertation

Monday, February 19, 2018

12:00 PM1:15 PM

The Indiana Memorial Union
Dogwood Room

The Institute for Digital Arts & Humanities presents “Digital Horizons for the Dissertation” as part of this year’s Making the Arts & Humanities speaker series.  A growing number of arts & humanities dissertations with digital or nontraditional components on the Bloomington campus highlights a greater dialogue surrounding digital dissertations from groups formed by the HASTAC scholarly community and symposia such as the University’s of Iowa’s “Beyond the PDF: Planning for the Future of the Dissertation.” IDAH is adding the voices of current graduate students and recently degreed PhD students, who will lead a roundtable discussion facilitated by Dr. William D. Adams.  The roundtable will provide a contextual snapshot of the digital dissertation's current state, examine opportunities that digital dissertations afford, and reveal institutional gaps that need to be addressed.  Additional commentary from Dr. William D. Adams will offer an outside perspective on publication trends and future academic horizons.

Our panel of speakers includes:

  • Dr. Mollie Ables, recent graduate of Musicology
  • Isabel Alvarez-Echandi, Ph.D. candidate in History
  • Mary Borgo, Ph.D. candidate in English Literature
  • Katie Chapman, Ph.D. candidate in Musicology
  • Dr. Jessica Leach, recent graduate of History, and
  • Dr. William D. Adams, former chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities

    Introductions by Kalani Craig & Vivian Halloran.